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Πράσινη Ταράτσα-Υπουργείο Οικονομίας και Οικονομικών-Σύνταγμα
Πράσινη Ταράτσα-Υπουργείο Οικονομίας και Οικονομικών-Σύνταγμα
Πράσινη Ταράτσα-Ψυχικό
Πρασινη Ταρατσα Πρασινη στεγη
Πρασινες Ταρατσες Πρασινες στεγες

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Our company was passionately inspired by the emerging spirit of sustainable development at the turn of the millennium. Our founder, Andrew Michael Clements, began researching bio-climatic architecture and particularly roof greening in 2000, initially for his own needs. Having purchased a 120 year old farmhouse in the mountains near Corinth, Greece, he searched to find a Greek based Green Roofer and was dismayed to find that there were none.


Undeterred, he set about discovering how such an endeavor might be accomplished. The challenge was to create a completely Mediterranean Green Roof, eco-roof or living roof as it is sometimes known, developed for the building challenges and climate peculiarities of the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean is a severe earthquake zone, which sits on the fault line where the European tectonic plate meets the African plate. 

The climate of Greece can range from Saharan desert conditions in Southern Crete all the way down to Siberian winters in Northern Macedonia on the Greek-Bulgarian border. Greece is also a mountainous country and is also famous for its myriad islands. All previous attempts, primarily that had been made prior to 2000 he discovered had failed.
After 6 years of R & D with the invaluable help of a small team of specialists (architects, civil engineers, geologists, meteorologists, eco-system specialists) the first Mediterranean roof greening approach was born in 2006.


It was christened Oikosteges (pronounced eco – steg –gez) which is a compound of two ancient Greek words 'Oiko' from which the latin 'eco' is sourced meaning 'related to the home' and 'steges' meaning abode, roof over your head. Oikosteges offer the only real alternative to expensive and inappropriate roof gardens for Mediterranean countries.


In addition, the Oikosteges team established Green Roofs Greece, a not for profit organization, which currently boasts a Facebook membership of over 21,000 in order to share experiences and ideas with the worldwide networks of Green Roof activists, which include the EFB (The European Federation of Green Roof Associations) and the WGIN (World Green Roof Infrastructure Network) 


  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  -  τηλ:              694 7225590        &              210 7250863      

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